Prepare for Liftoff!


 100_0439We’ve been gearing up for this day for years!

Friends, the grand opening of our brand new worship center is this coming weekend—Sunday the 26th, to be exact. To get ready for this day we’ve sent out flyers and had hundreds of you commit to bringing friends and neighbors and loved ones to Southbrook Church to see God do a great and mighty work!

And with all the prayer and fasting—He will do a great work! Expect it!

Because this coming weekend is so important, friends—I will be blogging about it all week.

If any of you have good ideas about getting people here (facebook, mySpace, etc.) leave a comment so that we can get started on it right away!

Here’s one…remember the seeds hundreds of us planted several weeks ago? The seed was to be a reminder of the seed we plant when we make a way for our friends to hear about the love of Christ. Hundreds have been praying and fasting for the people they planted seeds for. And, as we have watched these tiny seeds grow into beautiful flowers, we have been praying that the seed of faith would germinate within the hearts of hundreds who are far from God and that they would not only receive the love of Jesus but also grow to be like Him in all that they do.

That all begins this weekend.

I can’t wait to see our great God move!