Pictures from Christmas Eve


CIMG0015As I said yesterday, this past weekend was certainly right up there with the greatest celebrations I’ve ever experienced at a church!—any church! Sure, it ended up taking 14 services to pull it off, but was it worth it?

You bet!

More people came through the doors than ever before—over 3500!! And more people gave their lives to Jesus than at any other time in the history of our church. You ready for this?


Can you believe it?! I said, 175 people came to Christ during this Christmas weekend! That’s the best present I’ve ever been a part of!! And this was my favorite year ever in ministry as nearly 1100 people were added to God’s family through the ministry of Southbrook church!

Gang, that’s more than the past 2 years combined!

And with that I must say, goodnight.’

I’ve hit something.

I think they call it, ‘the wall.’

Merry Christmas! And thanks to everyone who helped pull off this awesome time for God!

Jay Foreman just sent me some pictures from Christmas Eve…Oh, and a video of people who came to Christ at the 8:30 service!