Another weekend where the services were standing room only! And, as I promised, I issued a challenge to the people to actually be the SALT of the earth that Jesus told us we were.

And you responded!

  • Dozens and dozens signed up for classes this coming weekend!
  • Over 50 people showed up at our Southbrook Monroe sight to help with the renovations!

But it was the last challenge specifically to the Men of Southbrook that blew me away. I even have to sort of sheepishly admit that I was doing this out of conviction and belief more than momentum and excitement. Now I’m doing it for all four reasons!

Men's Gathering Blog Picture

I said we’d move forward even with 10 or 15 men.

Almost immediately it went to 40, then 50, then 60 and now there are well over 100 men, young and old planning to show up February 4th at 6:15 AM in the Video Cafe. They will be there to offer themselves as living spiritual sacrifices unto the Lord—ready to be the spiritual leaders God has called them to be.

That excites me because I know what God can do for the entire family once He moves the heart of the men.

Let’s do this guys…

All of you who have expressed an interest commit to do the following.

Bring one other person with you on that morning. Let’s blow this thing out and take God up on His promises here.

See you all there!