Out of Commision


My little girl wasn’t feeling well yesterday at Camp Lurecrest so, guess what? It was ‘off to camp’ for daddy under cover of night. My assignment was to extract the compromised little camper ( who had been quarenteened in the infirmery for 6 hours already) without her older brother (secret agent ‘interference’) discovering the midnight raid and launching what he would surely see as a rescue mission but camp personel would see as an act of war–from what had become (for her) ‘Camp Misery.’

Now, with ‘Operation Full Recovery’ about half way completed, I am staying at a house nearby graciously offered by the good folks at Lurecrest. From here we can regroup and recover our strength ( read: get her temperature to 98.6 for 24 hours) before launching ‘operation camper drop’ — a risky and highly dangerous reintroduction of agent Juliana into the the civilion population). Unfortunaty there is no Internet and no TV so I am logging on from my phone just to keep you–my faithful readers up to speed and to make sure you invite even more kids to Southbrook Weddington’s VBS. I took more pictures last night and the place was even more slammed (and ‘slammin ‘) than the previous night! I’m serious! You couldn’t even count the kids–too many. Let’s just say that a biblical descripter will have to suffice here…

“Their number was as the sands on the seashore!”

Got the picture?


So don’t be one of those chump parents whose kids miss out becuase YOU’RE too tired.

“Get movin, soldier!”

Oh, and not one word about the editing job here! I can’t even see what I’m typing