Our own, “Gal Friday”


If you’ve ever been to Southbrook Church then you know we have the greatest musical talent around.

Seriously, I’ve been to A LOT of churches (forget churches, I can throw in concerts, TV and American Idol for that matter) and have yet to see this much talent in one place!

Southbrook has more than 7 different praise bands, many of whom have their own CD’s out. ALL of whom are excellent at what they do! And all of them do what they do to help make the name of Jesus famous!

So here’s the deal. I wanted all you local blog readers to know that Gal Friday (the three sisters who lead one of our bands) will be at Providence on the Green (Promenade shopping center and 485 ALL SUMMER LONG!!CIMG1288

Cool, huh!

They’ve already done one gig, and around 500 of their closest friends showed up for it. It’s a great time to meet others from the huge Southbrook community, but also from the community at large.