Our Church Band Rocks!


VotingFinally, the end of the rainbow is in sight! Southbrook’s worship team is in the final for the 91.9, “Our Church Band Rocks” contest. Sorry of we seem like the church who cries wolf on this one. But this really is the final final this time!

At 10:00 am today the voting starts, and the fist of these final 2 bands to 20,000 votes will open up for “Big Daddy Weave” and “Rush of Fools.” At 10:00 am begin going to this link, http://www.newlife919.com/rocks-2008.htm. If it isn’t active yet then just go to, http://www.newlife919.com and look for the “Our Church Band Rocks” voting and vote (and vote often. For this final leg of it, they have given the green light over at 91.9 for us to vote as often and as much as we want. There is no limit—just first to 20,000! The other church band is a voting machine, so don’t assume we are there until…

We are there!

Good luck young Jedi’s!

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