Oprah — Who Would Have Ever Thought?


I hope you all have the chance to catch the Oprah show today. Wait!

Yes, I said what you think I said and yes, I am a man! See profile to right for proof–>

But it’s just that God was glorified through the families of Southbrook on today’s show (Show title – “Amazing Families”). There was an entire segment done on the amazing families at SCC who adopted over 30 kids from war torn Liberia. God was all over it (although a lot less than what I heard the day of the taping — aren’t editors wonderful?). It really seemed like Oprah herself was deeply touched by what God has done through a few families who were willing to say yes.

Know what else is amazing? This is just ONE of the miraculous stories going on at SCC! There are hundreds more just like it!

Tell your friends!

Invite them to Southbrook!

You Rock!