Oops, I better clarify!


Those who know me don’t need this,


but there are now nearly a thousand people a day reading this blog, and many of them are not even from

America. So I thought a quick word on my last post would help. Thanks, JT for bringing it to light (see his comment below for clarification).

What I’m not saying:

  1. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t read Christian books.
  2. I’m not saying that I don’t read them
  3. I’m not saying that Christian counseling is bad
  4. I’m not saying that there’s no place for medication and medical help

What I am saying:

  1. I am saying that Christian books that basically mirror secular solutions only are a waste.
  2. I am saying that the mentality that there is a pill for everything that afflicts us is just nutty.
  3. I am saying that the idea that all dysfunctional fathers can trace (all) their problems back to the “Father Wound” is a step beyond nutty.
  4. I am saying that God does is not after getting us to recite magic prayers (of Jabez), or follow 7 step formulas, or join a certain denomination.

God’s after our heart. He wants a relationship with us.

I really believe it’s a simple as that.

He wants us to become, “God Chasers.” <–That’s a great Christian book by the way. And yes, I do read them. Sometimes to the tune of 4 or 5 a week. In a day or 2 you will see a brand new feature on this blog entitled, “What I’m reading now,” and that will be…

You guessed it, BOOKS!

Hey, I’m all for it.

Deepen your relationship with Him!

Anything that helps, go for it.

But anything that acts as a replacement?

Bad idea.

To the extent that any of these things act as a substitute for Him…

Yes, they’re bad.

I said it.

Sue me.