Oops, Do WE Know You’re Getting Baptized?


The Key word here is, WE.

There seem to be A LOT of people indicating they are going to be baptized this weekend who are not signed up. First of all let me say that THAT’S COOL, everyone is welcome, even people who decide that day! And yes, that’s happened A LOT. But to facilitate things a little easier for us, we try to get a general count so that we can provide Southbrook T-shirts and make the whole event go smoother.

If you are planning on joining for baptism (i.e. YOU are being baptized) please call the church office. The number is online at http://www.southbrookchurch.com under, ‘contact.’ Let them know that you (and whoever else might also be baptized in your family or group of friends) are planning on being baptized on Sunday and they will tell you all you need to know!


Respond to the ‘comment’ section of this blog (only if you haven’t already signed up) and I will get our volunteers to check here as well.


It’s going to be a great day!

Can’t wait!!!