One Vision, One Church @ One Service for One Sacrifice!


I can hardly wait for this weekend!


No, it’s not because I only have to preach one time.

No, not because I love camping (though I do) so much and we are having church outside in a ginormous tent.

No, not even the killer music or awesome weather they are calling for…

It’s because we all get to be together as one! And that so rarely happens with our present facilities and 87 worship services a weekend. In fact, some of you are brand new and do not remember the other 2 times we’ve done this. So, just for you, take a look!

Tent-20left-20side-209-20am-small1 Tent-20-20middle-small


But please, please, please do not fail to notice one very important factor…the place was packed…TWICE!

We do have more seating capacity this time, but we are also only having one service.

It’s also NOT Easter, however, we are only having ONE SERVICE!

“Yeah but, the kids will all be in the main worship center with their teachers and so forth, isn’t that about 500 folks?”

Yes, it is, but we are only having one service! <— and the kids will join us for a surprise about two thirds of the way through the service.

“But atleast the middle school and high school will be in the video cafe, right?”

Wrong! We decided to have them join us in the tent at the one service.

Hey, did I mention how many services we are having?


At 10:00 sharp!

One Vision.

One Church.

One Service.

for One Sacrifice!

Miss this and you risk spiraling into a deep dark depression from whence you may never recover.

Well, maybe not that, but you’ll kick yourself at the very least!

See you all there!

P.S. I don’t usually do this, but I was so touched by a post written by my good friend, Jay Foreman that I had to give him a shout out. He knows some of the struggles a pastor goes through because he is one of the men I confide in (I probably wear him out with all my belly aching!). Anyway, he wrote these words in a post today and I hope there are others that feel this strongly because it really gets me pumped to know that you all have my back!

Thanks Jay!