One Prayer




Hopefully you all remember “One Prayer” from last year. For those who do not, click here for a quick summary

Got it now?


Well…(drum roll please…dadalut, dadalut, dadalut)

It’s Back! And this year the One Prayer begins with God is __________

Examples of what people will be teaching on will be,

  • God is LOVE
  • God is My Redeemer
  • God is Truth
  • God is Unchanging

There will be many more, but I’m thinking you get the picture.

Now comes my “One Prayer.” Our “One prayer” that we would like thousands to know about God is simply that,

God IS

No, I don’t have problems finishing sentences. There’s actually a very good reason why I am not narrowing my one prayer to any ONE specific attribute or verb of God and if you join us this weekend at the Southbrook Weddington campus you’ll discover what that is.


There’s no way you’ll be disappointed.


* Until then, would many of you (Brookies, Blog readers, etc) join me in prayer and fasting as we prepare for this worldwide outreach to over a million people. Pray that they will truly know who God is and that He loves them and wants them to be a part of His family through faith in His Son, Jesus.

See ya Sunday!