One Prayer!


I’m still amazed by the entire concept of this “One Prayer” undertaking.

Stop and think about this for a moment. More than 1500 chruches now (they are still joining this thing) and close to a million people completely unified in their desire to see God do great things for His glory and honor!

Today we continued the series with a message from my friend, Perry Noble at New Spring Church in Anderson, South Carolina. Even the church there is a miracle. They are only 9 years old and have nearly 7,000 people coming each week! They have seen several thousand come to faith in Jesus Christ as well, and that’s by far the most important number!

Perry’s prayer for the church is that God would make us “Dangerous.” I wholeheartedly agree with this! Church should not be a safe place to put on a mask and act all politically correct (i.e. “Fake”). It should be a place where God heals the sick, fixes broken hearts, and transforms the sinner.

Praise God, that’s Southbrook to a tee!

I hope you will join us for the remaining weeks of this history making series.

Whatever it takes!