One of the things I love about God Part 6,000, 411


Yesterday my family and I were waiting in the sweltering heat in line for the Kali River Rafting Adventure at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Our goal was simple. Get as wet as possible so that we could cool off.

Nathan (my son) was the undisputed winner in that category.

But before he got drenched from head to toe he had us all laughing in the line waiting to board the rafts.

It seems that pretty much from the beginning of our 30 minute wait Nathan had discovered a father and son (the boy was probably 6 or 7) a short distance in front of us who were having a bit of a one sided conversation.

The Son would fire off questions.

The dad would answer.

I’m still laughing about Nathan’s frequent updates that begin something like this,

“Dad, you see that kid up there?” he pointed.


“Well he’s asked his dad 35 questions and we haven’t even been in line 5 minutes!”

No way.

 “I’m serious, dad.”

And he was off to spy on them again before I could verify any other details.

But, every few minutes he would return with an update.






And, finally, before they separated us into two lines, the grand total of…

drum roll please…


That’s right! 103 questions and I’m sure he reached nearly 150 before actually boarding the raft (at which time he undoubtedly added a few dozen more).

But you know what I noticed that was even more entertaining and heart warming? His father seemed to take it all in stride. He patiently and enthusiastically answered every question his son could fire at him as though it was the most important question mankind had ever asked.

Our heavenly Father wants to be there for you and I as well. He wants to answer our heartfelt questions — even the ones we think He wouldn’t have time for or the ones that seem too trivial in the eternal scheme of things.

No, answering isn’t nearly the issue asking is.

Do you talk to God?

Do you ask Him questions?

Have you ever?

Is there a God?

What is my purpose?

Can I have eternal life?

Do you care about me?

Why am I here?

If you are a Christ follower and yet you spend next to no time with God, how do you expect to ever become more like Him?

By the way, I was cracking up with Nathan’s bit of spy work into the mystery of the ‘Incredible, non-stop question boy.’ During one of his stints over at the inquisitor’s camp I turned to Michelle to get her take on the whole thing.

Why do you think that interests Nathan so much?

Isn’t that a bit weird to care what that other kid is doing?

How did he notice it in the first place?

Do you think he’ll actually track this the whole wait in line?

Why do you think he does this?

Is this normal?

All Michelle did was smile and hold up her fingers.

“That’s 6 questions in 10 seconds. And you wonder where he gets it,” she said with a smile.

Like father like son.

Like Father like Son.


Just some thoughts


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