One Month to Live


Omtl_logo_rgbWhat if you went to the doctor today and got handed this news?

“You have one month to live.”

How would it affect the way you spend your last days?

Would you continue on—business as usual?

I believe nearly everyone would answer that in the negative. Of course not! I mean, you now have 30 – 31 days to draw a breath and then you face your Creator! Who cares about the country club membership and the BMW now?! All of the sudden getting that washboard stomach doesn’t mean squat. And arguing over trivia? Well, it’s not really even worth mentioning now.

What matters now are the so-called “little things” in life—that lingering hug, saying the words, ‘I love you’ to those who are so special to you, telling the truth, repairing rifts in relationships, leading others to Jesus, forgiveness, grace, mercy… You know, all the things we “talk about” being important but seldom live for. All the things we pay lip service to but seldom real service. The stuff we put at the top of our bogus priority lists that even a surfacey glance at our lives show to actually be at the bottom.

That’s not going to be the story of my life.

No way.

So what is it about The News that gets nearly anyone to flip an internal switch and start living like they were Mother Teresa? And wouldn’t it be great if we could flip that internal switch without a death sentence hanging over our heads?

Good news. We can.

In the next month (actually, 6 weeks) we will see hundreds transform into passionate people, living out the purposes for which God made them.

We want as many people to be a part of this as possible, so I am asking everyone…

and I mean everyone,

to participate by coming to each of the 6 week’s weekend messages, purchase the book (at a huge discount if purchased through Southbrook Church), read the daily devotional, and be a part of one of the many “One Month to Live” small groups.

Those 3 things. Do these and it will transform your life!

I promise.

* Now, for all of you interested in church planting and /or making your church more effective for Christ, we’ve added a brand new blog called, Planting by the Brook! This blog will feature posts from the entire Southbrook team as each of us shares from our experience (the good, the bad, and the ugly) the things the Lord has taught us. Our hope and prayer is that it will be useful to those trying to get their church going and growing!