One down…3 to go.


Wow! On a good note, lives were obviously touched. I hung around after the message Saturday night longer than I have at any other Saturday in recent memory. There are a lot of hurting people out there. Aren’t you glad we serve Jehovah Rafa (the God who heals)?

God is going to restore marriages at SCC this weekend in droves. I’m not sure what a drove is, but I’m sure that it is big! And He’s going to take His rightful place again on the throne of hundreds of Christ follower’s lives as thousands of us realize that God is God and we are not! He uses us to accomplish His will because HE CHOOSES TO, not because He has to. I for one am absolutely ECSTATIC He chose to use me in such a thrilling way!

Most of the time I wake up and have to pinch myself that I actually get to do this as my JOB! I’d pay to do this (don’t carry that too far, leadership team. I have kids to feed). And most of the time I am like a thoroughbred waiting for the gate to go up at the Kentucky Derby as I prepare to go out in front of the people at SCC each weekend and present God’s message—I can barely contain myself!

Most of the time…

Last night I was a bit more like the tortoise when the gate went up.

I made it through though.

And I picked up steam as the message went on.

God helped me.

And He moved.

He always does.

He will again today.