Ok, Mighty People! (MP’s for short)


Like the new name? Tough, I like it and to preserve sanity (mine) it’s final (although I can’t promise I won’t still throw in a few ‘Brookies” here and there!). Isn’t democracy a beautiful thing?

Ok, MP’s here’s the deal. I think the Gideon effect needs to at least be talked about. It has become the pink elephant in the room (only, in this case it is the increasing empty chairs at the midweek service). I want to encourage any of you who are being stalked by Xmas madness to fight the urge to let the tyranny of the urgent take priority over the importance of the calling. Have you noticed how often the tyrannical, urgent things are the same as the things that keep us from the following;

1. A quiet time with God (put off because we are in a hurry to get out the door and there is not enough time in the morning)

2. A tithe to God (put off because there is an urgent bill (or desire) pressing at the time)

3. A time with others — small group (put off because we made too many other commitments when we over booked, such as, the kids Olympic sports training, dinner parties, bonko night, poker night, Monday night football, pagan night <-- just checking to see if you're really paying attention, and any other thing we can do to over commit. 4. A time to worship (put off because I already went once this month, put off because it might rain, there’s a Panther’s game, having an unusually bad hair day, kids have school the next day <-- nevermind that we have a Saturday Service that makes these last three excuses especially lame, etc.)

Do you long for a more sane and peaceful life? Don’t give in to the tyranny of the urgent, but rather, commit to putting first things first and let the fluff take care of itself. It’s amazing how well fluff does at handling itself.

Just a thought

incidentally, I’ll be posting some thoughts in a bit that I’ve been ruminating on for quite a while. It will change life as we know it FOREVER on planet Southbrook. Got your attention? Good…

Patience young grasshoppers