Ok, here’s the deal


Ok, let’s clarify something. I am blown away by the amount of Christians who are opposed to the idea of being seeker sensitive. Let’s think about this for a moment. What’s the alternative to being seeker sensitive? Seeker hostile? Oh, that’s Christlike! Jesus was so sensitive to the seeker he gave His life for them. He was so dialed in to speaking the language of ordinary people that most of His teaching consisted of stories. He told His followers that they MUST develop a heart for the lost if they were serious about following Him, and yet, we have believers today practically dedicating their lives to being cantankerous rather than being about the mission Christ called us to…AMAZING!

A while back a gentlemen that worked at a very large church in Charlotte (which I shall not name) told me that that same year (11 mos. of which had already passed) not one person had received Christ as Savior and Lord at a church service. Did you catch that? NOT ONE!!

Friends, it’s an unusual weekend at Southbrook when at least one person doesn’t commit their life to Christ. What’s the difference? What’s the deal?

Simple, this gentlemen told me that the leadership at his church had committed themselves to discipleship and telling it like it is. If the lost came in (and I can’t imagine why they would) and were meant to get it, they would. They were adamantly opposed to being “seeker sensitive.”

How sad — to be against any kind of sensitivity toward a seeking individual, looking for answers who happens to stumble through the doors of the church. What’s the message being sent? I’ll tell you what it is (and you’re not going to like it). When we ignore the lost and hurting we are saying (in affect) that they can just go to hell. They can just go to hell, it’s not our problem. But isn’t it?

Jesus said He came to seek and to save that which was lost. You wanna be like Christ? Then you need to be concerned about reaching the lost.

I think I know why even well meaning believers get caught up in this sad scenario. It’s a misunderstanding of the INCREDIBLY MISUSED word, “seeker.” To me it means the lost. To a lot of others it seems to mean, ‘those evil pagans who might mess up our church if we let them get too close.

Honestly, I’ve tossed the term for the most part. I just care about people who do not know Jesus and I will do whatever it takes to reach them.

Have people pointed at me and Southbrook and screamed, “They’re seeker sensitive — stay away!” Sure they have. It’s almost always people who have never been to SCC and ALWAYS people who have no idea what a seeker really is.

Some have said that SCC just gives a watered down message on the weekends and makes the believers come Wednesday for their stuff. <-- pitiful. There's a veritable smorgasboord of meat on the weekends at SCC. If you were at any of our "Unwrapping Christmas" series thus far you would know. So what's the real deal at SCC? Really want to know? Ok, becasue you asked... The weekends are for the believer, the seeker, the mature in the faith, the brand new believer, the hellbound, the hurting, in short, everyone.

And midweek? It’s MORE… for those who want more than one hour on the weekend of learning and worshipping and growing.

I heard one church (with a similar heart as SCC) refer to their Wednesday service as the, “Midweek Fix.” I like that. I might go with that.

Can’t get enough on the weekends? Addicted to God’s Word? Come Wednesdays for your midweek fix.