Oh well, we tried.


Remember the big contest?


A couple of weeks ago I put this out:

I feel a contest coming on. Here’s what I want you all to do.

Write a blog about the best thing(s) you (or your parents) ever did (a talk, a life lesson, a summer camp, the way you and your spouse modeled a healthy relationship, etc.) to help ensure that you or your young ones didn’t get swept up in the cultural current.

The best entry gets a night on the town on us (dinner, movie tickets). I’ll also share your inspiration in the last message of our “Friends with Benefits” series on the last weekend (provided it’s something God would approve of as well!). I’ll pick a winner at the end of the series (end of February) provided we have at least 20 people participate–call me cheap, I don’t care. Dates cost a fortune these days!

And just to keep this sane, here are the rules,

1. You must have a blog.

2. Write a post on your blog that tells others about the “mentoring moment(s)” — give us all the juicy details, please!

3. Include a link to today’s post. In other words, include the following link in the post you write, http://www.robsingleton.net/2008/02/15/lets-talk-about-sex-baby/

4. Have your post up by noon, Wednesday, February 27th.

5. Include a link back to this post in your post.

5. Begin the whole process by linking below. Please be sure to link the specific page that your entry post is on.

1. Michelle Singleton
2. Suzanne Eller
3. Phyllis@Aimless Conversation
4. Joanne Sampl – Editor
5. Christina
6. Liz Flowers

7. Maisy O’Grady
8. Geoffrey Janes
9. BigDadGib
10. Trisha Crawley
11. Jay Foreman
12. Josh Via

13. Kitty Hinkle
14. Chris McCarthy
15. Liz Flow

How sad we didn’t get at least 20 people to participate. We were talking a free date night, people! But, alas, as you can see only 15 spaces were filled (actually one is there twice and one other isn’t a real blog so we only had 13 people). So, according to my own guidelines, we didn’t have enough people participate in this thing.

We did, however, get some awesome stories and outstanding advice for keeping kids on the straight and narrow. So I think  I will give the winner at least a gift certificate to a restaurant. Come on, even I’m not totally heartless! It’s down to 2 finalists, so I will reread them tonight and let you know tomorrow on the this blog.

Thanks again to all of you who took the time to share from your own experiences!