Now that you’ve seen God Save more than 400 people THIS year…what are you going to do?


I’m going to Disney World!

No, really.

But the celebration for everyone @ Southbrook is over how HUGE our God is!!!

Stop right now wherever you are and praise Him for how He has moved and continues to move in the lives and through the lives of His people at Southbrook Church!!

Friends, most churches don’t get to witness 400 plus people coming to Jesus Christ in their whole existence. We’ve seen this many people bend the knee to Jesus in the last almost 4 months alone!!

It made me remember what I wrote way back when… see this post for details, about seeing more people come to Christ THIS year than in all the previous years combined? And why not? God says that this is what He wants (see this verse, ), so let’s praise Him that we get to partner with Him on this incredible mission! He could do it without me (probably save Him a lot of headaches too…theological brain freeze…can God get headaches?)!

But I digress…guess what? He’s right on track to do exactly what He said!! So I hope you’ll pause some this week to praise Him. I’ll be right there with you — only some of my loud praise will be coming from the tower of terror at MGM!

I was serious about the Mickey detour.

My family and I are taking a much needed break and my two young whiper snapers (what in the world is a whiper snaper anyway?) are going to see the Magic Kingdom for the VERY FIRST TIME!


Some of you are thinking, “The very first time? You’ve never taken your kids to Disney World? How old are they now, like 25?!!”

Try 10 and 8.

But I’m with you, it’s long overdue, but the time is right.

You all are in good hands.

Clayton King will be speaking this weekend so you know what that means without me saying it, right?

I’ll say it anyway.




And you can even invite your Christian friends (just this once ) because this message is for everyone.

I can’t wait to hear how God moves!