No marching orders ’till ya march!


512VQ4QFDPL._AA240_God gives specifics while we’re moving.

Ever notice on the Tour De France that there are cars and motorcycles and all kinds of other vehicles following alongside this massive parade of 10–speeds? Actually, these new bikes probably have about 50 speeds, but that’s what we called them growing up.

What are these moving entourages up to?

They are providing encouragement, feedback, safety, sustenance, motivation and anything else within the rules that can help their team riders do their best.

But all of this is done on the fly. Riders do not stop for a sit down meal or a motivational seminar before returning to the bikes. How could they? The other riders would be a 100 miles down the road and impossible to catch.

No, once the day’s ride ensues, there is no stopping until that day’s entire leg is finished. These riders already know the basics (the day’s route, the hills and declines they will face, the strengths and weaknesses of their opponents—basically, ‘the day’s marching orders.’

But things change.

Conditions change. Other riders do the unexpected and when these “changes” occur, further marching orders need to be issued, only these orders are issued en route.

The Christian walk is a lot like the Tour de France. We do well when we get our marching orders bright and early everyday. But we do best when we are open to those really deep things that God hands us on the fly.

Are you wanting to live all out for God?

Start marching. Get in lock step with God. Knit your heart to His.

A lot of Christians spend way too much time trying to read God’s mind (good luck with that). What they should be doing instead is spending time trying to get to know His heart.

The one is beyond you and I, the other, open and available.

Think abut it.

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