New beginnings!

RobMind Dump

Another weekend of stealing territory from the evil one as 21 people stepped forward for baptism!

Baptism is to be the new believer’s very first step on the journey of a lifetime! It’s
like taking the team Jesus jersey you received at salvation and actually putting it on in order to
identify to everyone around that you are a fired up follower of Jesus! And not only that you are
on the team – but also that you are ‘in the game, on the field,’ and ‘ready to play!’

I’m sure it grieves the heart of God that some who claim the name of Jesus actually think they
won some sort of heavenly lottery and got the equivalent of the Charlie and the Chocolate
Factory’s ‘golden ticket’ of entrance just by repeating a magic prayer that someone told them to
recite. Then, like Gandalf’s carefully pronounced incantation to enter the dwarven underworld,
the earth will rumble, stones will move, and the entrance (sealed for hundreds of years) will
simply open. It has to – you said the words – the words are magic, even the one who made it has
no power against, “The Words.”

Seriously? What a pile of bunk!

First of all, what God has done in Christ Jesus is so much better than just ‘getting out of
hell!’ In fact, salvation is just the beginning. It’s not the end!

Then there’s also:
* adoption into the family of God
* partnering up with Him to do great things
* having power and authority over the evil one (who used to hold you in spiritual
* the process of becoming more like Jesus (Sanctification).

And so much more! Seriously, I barely glanced the surface with that tiny list!

Here’s my point ..
Baptism is a very important first step to the exciting life lived for God because Jesus said it was.
Period. What more do we need? Jesus said to kick it off this way, so … kick it off THIS WAY!
But in case you still need more, read 1 John 1 – it explains pretty plainly that the one’s who
are legit are the ones who show their love for Jesus by obeying what He tells them to do.
Tough to argue.

If you haven’t been baptized yet, sign up for the next one in early September!

So pumped about an opportunity Summit Church has been given to reach
thousands! June 9th and 10th is Hopefest ( right in Centennial! Aside from 10
great Christian bands – Brit Nicole, Colton Dixon, Building 429, etc – you can gather with others
who need to know Jesus and at least a couple thousand who already do, to celebrate what God
is doing in Denver and beyond.

One more thing: our own praise band has been asked to participate and I have been asked
to speak both nights. Let’s pray God really uses this to reach thousands in Denver!

The best is yet to come!