Narrow minded – Part Two


Ok, so ‘Narrow-mindedness’ can actually be a good thing at times, right?

If you have no idea whatsoever what I am talking about, check out yesterday’s post here.

Ok, you with me? Good.

Well then, how did being narrow-minded get such a bad rap? Jesus tells us that the only way to join Him in heaven is, in fact, a narrow way—not a highway.

So narrow’s good, right?

And God’s Word tells us in various places not to fall victim to those who teach a different gospel, another way, or any combination thereof.

So narrow’s good, right?

But when is it bad?

When we miss God’s best because we are to narrow-minded—that’s when.

  • When the Messiah finally came to earth (that’s Jesus) most missed Him because their ideas of what the Messiah needed to look like were far too narrow-minded.
  • When the Pharisees, zealots, Sadducees, scribes, and Herodians all voted to have Jesus put to death because He wouldn’t walk the party line, they were being far too narrow-minded.
  • When churches today see their attendance and level of life transformation shrink to next to nothing it is because they are often being too narrow-minded about how church should be done.
  • When believers never experience miraculous movements of God in their midst it is often because their faith has been stunted by the sin of narrow-mindedness (yes, if misused, it’s a sin).
  • When we overuse the phrase, “But we’ve never done it that way before!” — we’re being far too narrow-minded.
  • When we EVER use the phrase, “That will never work!” We are being very narrow-minded.

If you don’t agree wit this series; you are being too narrow-minded!


I’m just saying!