My only regret



What an unbelievably awesome Easter Sunday!

We kicked off what might very well be our best series ever, One Month to Live. We had worship that was absolutely off the hook from our very own, Return Worship. We had hundreds of volunteers working with smiles and real hearts of servanthood. And, as I shared yesterday, 146 people made decisions for Christ under the Big Top! Kids also heard the gospel in a way they could fully relate to and embrace. And they were all given the opportunity to make decisions for Christ! The place was packed out and everything went off without a hitch so how could I possibly have any regrets?

I don’t have many.

Just one.

When I saw God move in both services the way He did I kicked myself that we didn’t have more services. When God moves like that you just want it to go on and on until you’re down to the last 5 people. We know we can do it as a team. We did 14 Christmas Eve services.

So, I just wish we’d done more. At least one more.

12 more would be even better.  I’ll remember that next time. Because next time I want it to go on forever! Check out the video below to see what I am talking about.