Movie Night @ the Brook


Meet me at the Drive in!CIMG1410



Remember the old drive in movies?

We’d pile in cars and trucks, head for the outdoor, vehicular amphitheater and hang out with all our friends.

We might even, occasionally, catch a decent movie.

It was a blast.

Whatever happened to them anyway?

You probably don’t remember because you usually rode in the trunk to save on costs!

Well they’re back baby! Minus the vehicle part anyway.

This Friday evening at dusk, Southbrook Church will be hosting a community wide family movie night featuring, “Charlotte’s Web.” (the newest version).

There will be food and drinks as well, so bring a blanket, chairs and yourselves.

Cya there!


 By the way…

It’s still not too late to join in on this AMAZING VBS about our AMAZING PLANET!


You snooze.

You lose!

Here are a few more pics from tonight…