More Frivolous Friendship Stuff…


When we left off, we were trying to comprehend why in the world King Saul’s son and heir would give it all up for…


a shepherd boy…




If you remember, Jonathan’s the one who commands the third of the army that Saul doesn’t have command over. Yet who is it who suggests this covenant? Who is it who asks the other to show him the faithful love of the LORD?


It’s Jonathan isn’t it?


Now as the king’s son, it may have been Jonathan’s place to initiate a covenant between them, but the terms of the covenant place David as the one in a position of power and blessing. Jonathan is the King’s son, yet he treats David with a respect that shows he sees something in him that makes him greater. Jonathan knows that David will be king. He says as much in their final encounter in chapter 23. Perhaps he recognizes as well, that God’s Spirit is at work in him. Perhaps he’s even heard stories of David being anointed by Samuel. Whatever it is, what is most important to Jonathan isn’t personal ambition but his love for David.

Their friendship is sealed by the covenant they make in chapter 20, yet this is the last time they spend any time together. But that doesn’t mean their friendship is over. David holds it in so much esteem that after Jonathan’s death he seeks out Jonathan’s son and vows to care for him.


So here we have the story of a friendship that transcends personal ambition, family differences and even the circumstances of war. It’s a friendship based on a recognition of God’s will for his people Israel, expressed through one man, David. It’s a friendship that lasts because the parties involved are committed to it despite their own needs and desires. And it’s a friendship that can be a model, not just for our friendships, but for our commitment to Jesus Christ, the one who is the true and eternal King, not just of Israel, but of the whole world.


If you’ve never experienced this kind of intimate friendship, than perhaps this all seems a bit odd to you. I mean, if you look around today what friendship can you point to like this? Intimate friends are indeed quite rare. They happen once maybe twice in a lifetime. And when you have that kind of friendship it is truly like your souls are knit together. So, much is made of Jonathan’s tremendous ability to be an incredible friend to David that few ever stop to consider what it was about David that made Jonathan want to be that kind of friend to him. ß Say that 3 times fast!


You’ve heard the saying, It takes one to know one? Well that certainly applies to Xtreme friendship. David was as good a friend to Jonathan as Jonathan was to David. Doubtless Jonathan was first drawn to David because of those tremendously godly, courageous and rare qualities that David possessed. And though this is rare, it isn’t unheard of.


Throughout history, whenever someone has been greatly admired for the tremendous things they have done there are inevitably those behind the scenes who took the less glorious position of lifting that individual up in times of need. These behind the scenes folks acted as encouragers, motivators, and defenders for those upfront people we’ve all heard of. Already in David’s young life he had not only killed the giant, Goliath but also a bear and a lion. This guy was a stud! The man every man wishes he could be¾an inspiration, a role model. But this man’s man also entered a valley so long and deep that it took nine plus years to come out the other side and once again step onto the mountain top. I’m referring to almost a decade between the time that Samuel the prophet anointed David to be king, and the time that David actually became king.


What’s up with that?


Some one swears me in as the leader, I want to know where the key is to the executive wash room is. Where’s the antique desk formerly belonging to Abe Lincoln?


The country club membership?


Seven figure salary?


Stock options? Come on. Chop, chop. We don’t have all day here. It’s time to put those obvious skills (for which I was tapped in the first place) to work here. After all, there are peasants to lead, motes to build, monuments to be raised in my honor, people to inspire, envy to create—


Ok, ok I show signs of a “work in progress.” I admit it.


I talk to you about how that work’s going next time.