Monroe — The Place to Be!



It was sooooo good to be back tonight. I even resisted the urge to keep on preaching into the night!

We kicked off our “Heroes” series this evening as well with a message on Moses entitled, “The Breaking of a Leader.” Hopefully it was easy to see that heroic things are still possible today when we align ourselves with the things that God is already doing…

like reaching out to the folks of Monroe!

Tonight we filled the sign up sheets to provide backpacks and provide school uniforms for the kids at Benton Heights Elementary School! It absolutely thrilled me to see our people respond so generously!

And it keeps right on going tomorrow at Southbrook Central as well as Southbrook Monroe. Let’s pack both places and show two communities that we mean business for God!

See you there!


P.S.  One more way cool thing. I got the following message from Dan Rutty (our worship pastor) this afternoon about something pretty cool that 91.9 is doing called. “My Church Band Rocks!”

Anyway, someone got one of the songs off the last ‘Return’ CD on there and it’s being voted into the number one slot! Isn’t that cool? Well, to assure it wins, why don’t you take a second to read this message from Dan and then head on over to the 91.9 website and vote?! And please don’t assume they don’t need your vote—somewhere between midnight and 6:00 am someone hit the vote button for one of the other bands over and over again. Sad but true, so please don’t forget to add yours.

You can vote as much as you want—once every 30 minutes or so. So vote and vote often!

Hey guys.  I thought this contest was over months ago, but I just received this email from Peri.  “Pour” made the top three for the “My church band Rocks”  contest.  I was wondering if you could get the word out for people to vote at the link below.  

Click the following link —>

Voting goes for now until next Wednesday.  

Thank you.  Dan