Might want to come to Saturday Night!


154_0605_10_z+2006_rough_country_snowbash+xj_cherokee_in_snowOk, I know that weather predictions aren’t usually all that stellar, but there seems to be a slight chance we will have at least some slush, oops, snow later today. So you might want to come to the Saturday evening service this weekend (tonight) since it might look white and fluffy but the roads should be no worse than when it rains—the high temp for today is 41 degrees…Just a thought, gang.

I mean, I’ll be there

Oh, I’ll be there tomorrow too!

P.S. By the time classes roll around it should be clear on the roads. I’m hoping anyway—we have over 100 people already coming! See you all there!

<— even if it’s THIS bad!