Midweek @ “The Brook”


Gang, I am pumped! Last night was awesome. The Lord showed up in a BIG way! My favorite part was seeing all the children streaming forward to pray with a pastor. They led the way last night! My own son even came up twice (what a cool kid! :)

I ‘ve heard from a lot of you regarding Wednesday nights and I thought I’d start sharing some of those comments. Here’s one;


I wanted to share with you how inspired I was by last night’s service. http://famulusdeus.blogspot.com/

I am starting to see growth and not be the baby Christian I was anymore. It would be nice to think I am approaching and/or getting into, and through, my teenage Christian years as well. My wife has even noticed that I am taking the position as priest of our family from a stronger and more involved position than I have previously. I know you probably do not want the credit or thanks for that growth so I will give the glory to Him that is in you as well as all of the mighty staff, and body, of Southbrook.

Take care, and as always, love you brother.

Matt Langley

Thank You, Lord for what you are doing at SCC! This is an awesome ride and there’s nowhere else I’d rather be!

And thank you, Brookies! I love being your pastor!