Masters of the List


Itada-lists-smallWhy is it that the people with the greatest message in history—a message of hope and love and healing—can be one of the most obnoxious and overbearing roadblocks to encountering God?

Seriously? Have you ever thought of this?

If they will know we are Christians by our love than what will they (the world at large) know by our lack of it?

That we’re not?

Christians, that is.

Maybe. But I think what’s likely going on is that there are actually two groups.

  1. Christians
  2. Christ Followers

They are not the same.

Eight five percent of Americans claim to be Christian but upon close inspection of this group and through further questioning, it appears that only a small percentage actually follow Jesus.

And that’s the definition of a disciple—a “follower of Jesus.”

How in the world did this massive disconnect ever happen?

As you probably imagine, I have a few thoughts on the issue. Perhaps a further breakdown of the two groups would help.

First, a lot of Christians are also “religious.”

However, most Christ followers aren’t religious at all. For them it’s all about “relationship,” rather than rules and regulations.

Christ followers follow a person.

A lot of Christians follow a list.

For the religious person proudly bearing the label of “Christian” but ever wary of being labeled a “Christ Follower,” the list is everything. And the list is one thing they try very hard to master.

The list is what separates the two groups. And funny thing? No one seems to have a comprehensive copy of this illusive “list.” Seems it’s just a bit different for everyone. But one thing is the same.

The goal.

And that is to become, “Masters of the List.”

More on this tomorrow.