Many Men Manned Up!


Say that 3x fast!

I’m pumped to know that so many men at Southbrook are interested in learning to become the best godly leaders they can possibly be. Here are some of the comments I received from this post last week…

Preston says:

I look forward to the growth and encouragement.

I will pray to God that he will help me add this to my full life. As a divorced Dad of two boys, trying to balance spirituality, the “new” family (the boys and me), work, being Dad, and play has been difficult – and trying to pass on the same as a role model to the boys is even harder

– but I believe that such an endeavor can only make me and all of us better

rob says:

Count me in. I have always seen my kids looking to me when we have a late Saturday night to see where getting up for church fit in the priorities. I know I need the guidance and encouragement to keep them pointed to Him.

Josh Via says:

Yes sir, Pastor Rob! Count me in, bro! More than anything I want to be a godly leader for my family. I am realizing more and more that it is the father who sets the spiritual thermostat for the family. That was my promise to Tasha in our vows 6 years ago. And that will remain my promise!

mark cianciosa says:

Rob …

I have to agree with what Darren said … without any details and as long as it is not on a Monday … I am IN!

As far as the guys and attendance … I think the figures would most likely increase if you measure Dad’s involvement at Church. I can see the kids who’s Dad’s are involved in teaching and helping in Children’s Church change their attitude towards church as well. So if you are interested in taking an even deeper step to ensure what your kids are seeing in their Dad get involved in Children’s Church and it will also inhance who he/she becomes when they grow up … so if any of you guys are interested in helping at Children’s Church just let me know … we could use you … but your kids NEED you! Just call me if you are interested … 704-975-7098.

In HIS Service & always keeping Rob in my prayers;
Mark Cianciosa

All and all we have over 50 men who have expressed interest right out of the gate. That’s more than good enough for a start so…

February 4th — Monday @ 6:15 for donuts and coffee and 6:30 to 7:30 for our time together. We’ll meet in the Video Cafe and look to do this on the first Monday of each month for starters.

Stay tuned to this blog for updates or changes should they arise…