Many Men Manned Up!


Say that three times fast!

Actually, it’s pretty easy, I just tried it. Certainly no, ‘Sally sold seashells by the seashore!’

But I digress. Look how many men showed up at 6:15 AM today to see how they can take their journey with Christ up 10 notches!


Exactly 100 men on day one of ‘Operation Man Up!’ Let me just reiterate why I am so pumped about this deal. I’ve seen enough studies now to be utterly convinced that the husband/father/man is key to getting the rest of the family connected with Christ and the local church.

Yes, it’s certainly true that if ‘Mamma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.’ But when it comes to church and the family’s involvement, ‘If dad ain’t interested, ain’t nobody interested.’ At least not long term anyway. That’s why seeing this many men gets me fired up about what the Lord has in store for Southbrook Church!

Better strap in, men! It’s gonna be that kinda ride!

P.S. I heard men at just about every table talk about giving the table small groups a go. I never anticipated that kind of mass reaction—guess I should have had greater faith. Nevertheless, we weren’t prepared as we should have been but we can still fix it via this blog.

Here’s how…

If the men at your table decided to give this small group, once a week deal a try would you let us know who is the designated pointman of the group and the names of each person involved? We’ve done this long enough now to know what works and what doesn’t and we’d love to help but we can’t help if we have no idea who all is in what group.

So, click on this link —> jay foreman and shoot him an e-mail. He is taking care of rallying all the men who are really serious about this stuff and I’ve made sure he has many resources to pass on to you so that your group can move forward with the study or discussion topic, etc. that works best for you.

P.P.S. Also guys, check out yesterday’s blog regarding our series, “Friends with Benefits.” There is a contest I’m running to try and get more people involved. Not too many men have taken me up on it and I would love to see more. The details of how to enter are posted on yesterday’s blog (click here to go there immediately).

Thanks for stepping out, men! I promise you won’t regret it!

Here’s more shots from the morning…enjoy!

CIMG2502 CIMG2504

CIMG2506 CIMG2507