Manning Up and Manly Missions


Manning upHey men, (yeah, you!), it’s time to man up again. This coming Monday morning at 6:15 AM in the Video Cafe at Southbrook Church will be our second meeting of testosterone filled titans!

Or, just for whoever shows up.

And I hope we fill the place to the rafters because the Lord has given me something that I believe has the potential to turn our church upside down for Christ and make the biggest impact for Christ we’ve ever seen.

Yes ever! It’s that huge! But it’s also only for men who are serious about manning up for Christ so I’m only presenting it to the men and their guests who show up this Monday morning. And, I’m serious about the guest part as well. At the first gathering I was pleasantly surprised to see fathers with their sons as well as men who brought some of their business partners with them.

That’s what I’m taking about!

If you’re going to take on the world there better be a lot of you.

We’re at war with the evil one so I’m forming an army.

Don’t make me institute the draft!

And Ladies! Here’s where you can help. I heard from a lot of you during our “Friends with Benefits” series we just wrapped up. Many of you asked for help and said you were desperate to see changes in your family. More than a few were serious enough to add, “I would do anything it takes!”

That’s huge!

And here’s the good news, ladies. One of the very best things you can do is to use every bit of influence you have to get your husband there on Monday morning—enlist the help of one of his friends, promise him a romantic weekend (you said, anything!), whatever, just make sure he’s there because this is the biosphere for change and it ain’t gonna happen if he doesn’t show!


Alright then. On three, 1…2…3…