Part of what I do I really love.

Part of what I do I really hate.

Let me explain.

  • I love teaching on stewardship. — I hate sounding like the church is begging for money.
  • I love helping people with their hurts. — But I hate it when wolves creep into God’s church and cause those hurts.
  • I love to teach for transformation. — I hate to just spew out Bible trivia.
  • I love to comfort the grieving. — I hate to see people hurting.
  • I love to see our church growing. — But I hate to see people simply act as seat warmers week after week.
  • I love to be a part of discipleship for thousands. — I hate to see people equate head knowledge with maturity.

I could go on and on. Point is, much of what I do is love/hate.

Today was a bit of both.

Today we filmed our “One Prayer” video for use in the June “One Prayer” campaign.

I love being a part of that. No hate counterpart there. I love it. Period.

But my message was one I both loved and hated.

On the one hand, I love to talk about the holiness of the LORD.

On the other hand, I hate that so many Christians today have so little reverence for God.

That’s all.

Nothing real deep there. Just a Sunday evening mind dump.

See you tomorrow.