Love these days!


Today we celebrated 6 weeks of major life transformation in hundreds of lives as we learned to live like we only have a short time on this earth.

Why would anyone want to do that, you say?

Well, ever notice how people who have been given the “bad news” seem to gain a remarkable clarity and passion about the things that really matter? They develop an instant, ‘laser focussed life’ that alludes most of the rest of us.

Good news. During the last 6 weeks hundreds of us learned to live this way whether we have 30 days or 80 years left on this earth. And many of these people kicked off their new outlook on life by being baptized this weekend at one of our 4 outdoor services.

52 people took the plunge in order to profess before their friends and family at Southbrook that they trust in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and that they plan on living the rest of their lives with Him in the driver’s seat! Glory to God!

I’ll have some pictures for you and a video tomorrow. For now, I just wanted you to know so that you could celebrate with us!


Don’t forget that tomorrow morning at 6:30 am is our large men’s gathering at the Video Cafe! The first Monday of each month close to a hundred men serious about putting God first in their lives and becoming the leaders God called them to be join their peers for a brief time of training from God’s Word and fellowship with other men from Southbrook church.

Don’t miss it!