Lost and Found, Part 1


LostHave you ever been lost as a kid? I’m talking off in the woods, wandering a crowded mall, left at a gas station LOST! It’s a pretty scary thing. It seemed to happen to me with frightening regularity when I was growing up. Maybe it has something to do with my short attention span and the fact that so many things grab my interest all at once. Because of this, I often don’t look up until it is too late…

Umm, what we’re we talking about?

Oh yeah, ‘too late.’

Too late to realize the group has broken camp…

Too late to realize my parents had moved on from the toy store to the clothing store…

Too late to realize the vehicle had left the filling station.

And when these realizations finally hit home, the feelings can run the gambit from ‘freaking out’ to relief that I got to spend a few extra minutes in the toy store while my parents tried to figure out where they last saw me! I know. I know. What a snot-nosed little brat!

But that’s another post for another day.

The point is, nothing is ever going to get resolved in these precarious positions until one finally comes to the discovery that they are truly lost. No hemming and hawing about it, no excuses, no acting like Al Bundy with a map and trying to convince everyone that you know exactly what you’re doing and where you’re going. Truth is, you’re lost. Plain and simple. You’re situation isn’t good, but it’s far from hopeless.

In fact, you might just be at the most life changing, pivotal moment of your life!

But there’s a pretty big gap between hopeless and life-changing. How do you know which one you’re dealing with, and, is it possible to move back and forth between the two? Not that you’d want to. I imagine most want to move just the one way and never the other. If that’s you, check back here tomorrow for the simple answer.