Living on a prayer


When it all comes down to it, any ministry worth squat needs to be able to honestly say this.

Think about it.If you attend a church where the leader is charismatic, influential, bold, promises the sky and the moon and helps people raise their life game to an ‘A’ level, BUT does not pray. You are wasting your time. Find a lake house, a couple of jet skiis a dog named Fifi, and spend your weekends there — you’ll make a greater impact for God!

On the other hand, if you attend a church where prayer is the constant focus, the leader preaches on it every other week, they have nightly prayer meetings, 6,000 prayer small groups, 487 books written on prayer BUT actually don’t pray…you are once again wasting your time.

However, if you attend a church where the vision is Ginormous (there’s that word again), they are willing to charge Hell with water pistols, nothing is impossible is their motto…BUT, they don’t really pray. You—

Well, you get the picture, right?People talk alot about vision these days, but I need to tell you, the only ones worth following are those straight from the heart of God.

And you’ll never get that without prayer.

Today, your pastors at Southbrook got away to seek God’s face alone and collectively regarding the many giants we are facing as He continues to allow Southbrook’s influence to grow far beyond what we ever dreamed or even imagined.

We pray anyway and we pray a lot as individuals and at staff meetings, etc., but sometimes things get so intense and the giants look extra big and when that happens your prayer needs to get big too. And gang? When you witness the things we’ve seen lately at SCC you quickly get beyond your self into territory unknown. In the immortal words of Captain Kirk from the original Starship Enterprise, “We are about to ‘boldly go where no man has gone before.’”
Because of this, your leaders are fervently seeking God’s heart and direction. My mission today was to pray and spy. Well, really just to pray, but I sneekily (it’s a word now, baby!) snapped a few shots of our team in their time alone — better to ask for forgiveness than permission!

CIMG1318CIMG1316 CIMG1317

CIMG1310 CIMG1309
Others were there as well, but by photo number five they were on to me so this is all you get.
And one of them ‘one upped me’ informing me that it might be a good idea if everyone knew you were there as well, Kirk!
For that, you will just have to trust. Who do you think took the pictures?
I’m proud of them. They get it. They know we are nothing without Christ. He is our true captain. He leads the way. And we need Him to do so now more than ever as we enter the territory of the giants.