Life Changers


Seeking God


Other than the Bible, there are several books that I know God used greatly to literally alter the course of my life. I owe a lot to these books and these individuals for helping to ignite an even greater fire in my heart than I ever thought possible. I wanted to share them with you all (in bloggerland) in the hopes that somehow it will do the same. I’ll also be placing these over in my sidebar under, “Recommended Reading” for a while so they won’t be forgotten.

So, in no particular order and with minimal fan fare (because that’s the way everyone of these people would [or in some cases ‘would have’ past tense] want(ed) it.

No Compromise

When I was in high school and one of only a handful of Christ followers, this man’s heart for God and incredible (short lived) journey for Christ influenced me tremendously. When he died tragically in a plane crash at the age of 28 I was crushed to the core. However, his legacy lives on and many a passionate Christ follower found (and still finds) courage through his music and life. The man is, Keith Green.

In His Steps

Next, have you ever wondered where the statement, “What Would Jesus Do?” ever came from? Well, wonder no more. The story is compelling and makes one truly consider the tremendous possibilities we’d see all around us if Christ followers really lived this way.

The Persecutor

I was about 17 when I read this book. Truly, it is one of the strongest influences toward a life of ministry that God used on me. The funny thing was that it created a fire in my heart for the people of the Soviet Union who were (then) living under persecution for being Christ followers and as soon as this fire was kindled, the wall came down and Russia was free. I now know that God used this to get that fire he put in my heart to burn with intensity, but that I still needed a few years before the clear direction for the pastorate became evident.

George Muller

Need your faith stretched? I think we all do at times. Talk about living by faith! This guy’s faith walk was rivaled only be the Faith heroes we read of in Hebrews chapter 11!

In His Image

This is another one of those, ‘out of print’ deals, but you can still find it through amazon’s second line retailers. It’s basically a daily devotional on steroids! Are you serious about living all out for God?


I mean serious!

Then read this. It will help you not make a fool of yourself and taint the name of Christ.

Well gang, that’s all for now. This list is by no means exhaustive, but my sidebar can only fit 5 books at a time.

Tell you what…start with these and then we’ll talk.