Monkey Business


Let’s quit monkeying around!

A Barrel Full of Monkeys

Ok, gang, obviously people are pouring into Southbrook’s weekend services again and that means that the unchurched, dechurched, tire-kicking, far from God, curious public who give church a whirl will want to come to the 10:00 service. Unfortunately, I’m still seeing some of our ‘mature in the faith folks,’ sauntering up to the coffee bar @ 10:00 posing as ‘unchurched.’

When it comes to making room for those who are far from God, we have long passed the point where we can keep monkeying around. If you haven’t made the switch to Saturday night please consider it as the crowd levels are now at defcon 5! And then sit back and take a peek at what we look like when we monkey around too much.

Several weeks back—at the beginning of our “Planet Earth” series we showed a comical video about untrainable monkeys. If you missed it, here it is again for a limited time.