Let’s ‘Debrief’ Together


NewspringLet’s face it. Some conferences are awesome, motivating, helpful, etc. others just end up being a waste of everyone’s time. Newspring was a great experience for out small group. In fact, the only regret I have in that last statement was that I had to type the word, ‘small.’ I wish we would have brought more people. Our goal is 200 plus for next year. This thing is just too easy.

So what’s the takeaway?

Well, several things — in no particular order;

1. It can be very motivating to see just around the next bend verses always looking through a telescope at something light years away. I mean, going to Saddleback when we were 50 people was great and all, but it was a bit difficult for that first core group to make the mental leap from where we were to were THEY were. Newspring, on the other hand, is just around the corner from where we now are. They are a year or two older than us and recently moved into a large new facility after running around 2500 a week. That’s us!

2. It was VERY UPLIFTING to hear Perry reaffirm the calling of the lead pastor in front of some of their key people.Perry That kind of stuff only gives wings to the vision. It never hurts. I suppose it could expose those who have no intention of following the lead pastor — but that would be a good thing as well. Purging is always good!

3. I LOVED hearing the stories of what God is doing at other churches! It was an incredible encouragement for us and I know our people were an encouragement to others as well.

4. I met several pastors who I hope to continue corresponding with. They are in the thick of it just like us and I love to meet other warriors who are unafraid to “bring it” in Jesus’ name!

That’s it for tonight. Tomorrow is our jump start offerring and we are praying for a miracle to keep this dream moving forward.

The Lord knows we need space and I believe he’s going to move in the hearts of our people to give generously to His work at Southbrook Church.

You guys rock!

See you all tomorrow!