Let’s Make Easter a Blow Out for Jesus!!!


Traditionally, Christmas and Easter are times of great harvest for us at Southbrook Church. Many hundreds come to faith in Christ on these two days alone, every year.


So, knowing that, what are you planning to do about it, Christ follower?


  • Try out some of the new coffee choices at the café?
  • Show up and warm a seat?
  • Send out positive vibes while I’m preaching?
  • Buy a new outfit?
  • Bring back the Easter bonnet?
  • Try and win the Easter egg hunt?
  • Have a great day at your favorite restaurant with the family?
  • Sing praises with a little more enthusiasm?
  • Try not to fall asleep during the message?
  • Same old, same old?


How about not?


Instead, knowing that 8 out of 10 people would actually come with you to church for an event like an Easter service, how can we possibly not invite anyone and everyone we know and come in contact with?


Wheew! I knew you’d see the light.


And if you live no where near Southbrook Church or are a reader of this blog from a far away land—find a good church near you and get everyone you know there for Easter. Quit making excuses and do it this year.


And I will help you—The ones who live near Southbrook anyway.


Here are some things you can do.


  • Go to our website and click on the e-invite block that looks like this:



That will take you to where you can send a personal e-invite that is specific to either Monroe or Weddington.


  • You can get one of the mini-posters that looks like the above picture and has information about our Easter services and hang it up this week at your place of business.
  • You can get the small invite cards (we have a couple thousand left) and give them out to everyone you meet (and are nice to).
  • You can invite your friends, family and neighbors and then join them for lunch.
  • You can get a free car decal to place on your vehicle that will tell people about Southbrook for years to come!

You can do a million and one different things and on this one day (like no other) they are likely to say “yes!”


Just do it!