Learn From MY Mistakes


Some mistakes can be pretty costly in life—from boneheaded ideas to just plain ‘human error.’ A few come to mind:


  • Hey, let’s make mortgages available for absolutely anyone. By the time we’re done, your average middle school student will be able to purchase that dream home they’ve always wanted! Sub-prime baby!!
  • Let’s give military secrets to China in exchange for a few breaks on some really neat “made in china” stuff.
  • “These things will never catch on.” These are the famous last words of a once dominate fortune 500 company (Xerox) regarding the personal computer and the fax machine.
  • Steak-dough (no, I’m not kidding. I actually read about this idea). This product would come in 5 pound tubs and be available in the freezer section at Sam’s. You just scoop out as much as you like, rolling pin to a steak-like shape and throw it on the grill. Magical.
  • Cigarette lighter for a glider
  • Inflatable cellar
  • Un-bouncy ping-pong balls
  • Glow-in-the-dark pillow-cases and bedclothes
  • Helicopter ejector seat
    (i.e. you eject out and get chopped up by the blades rotating)
  • Clap activated stereo
  • Etch-a-sketch checkbook


Ok, enough already. I only need to add one more—the boneheaded one I encountered today on Facebook.


You see, there is a plug-in of sorts that allows you to invite some friends to join Facebook from off your email contacts. Seemed like a good idea except for one thing. It doesn’t tell you that with one click you will invite the whole list.


For me, it was my age old AOL account. And apparently Facebook considers every email that AOL ever captures to be who you include on your good buddy list. So, before I could even choose, a HUGE list was scrolling by that included my dear friends at all the fly by night Internet pharmaceutical companies, unknown, long-lost relatives from various places in Africa who apparently left me in excess of $50,000,000!!, get rich quick advisors and every other computer generated scam artist you can imagine.


Looks like I’ll be checking the decline button for quite a while.


Actually (and to my great relief) I later discovered that these emails are filtered out.


Thank goodness.


However, I was reminded of an idea that might have made the whole ordeal worth it.


The e-invite.


As I saw the list scroll by I did see some folks on the list who I hadn’t heard from in quite some time—even some individuals who I remembered did not have a church home. I thought, why not send one of our e-invites from our Southbrook Church website to each of these folks?


And so I did.


It only took a few minutes.


If even one comes this Sunday, it will be worth it. Who knows? I might even get some free hair restoration cream out of the whole experience!


* You can go straight to the e-invites link by clicking here. There is one that is specific to the Weddington Campus and one for our Monroe campus. I also look at most of your facebooks (Southbrook folks) and notice that beyond your Southbrook connections most of you have dozens (if not hundreds) of other “friends” in the area. Why not put out an e-invite to all of them?


Just a thought!


Happy e-viting!