Lazy Bones Jones


1799356_49075ce40eI read yesterday that dogs sleep on the average, 13–16 hours a day!

Sadly, I know some humans who are not far behind. This would drive me crazy! I would never sleep if I could get away with it. There is so much to do in life I almost regret the nighttime ritual that deprives me of the daylight hours with which I can accomplish all that God has put on my heart.

Spiritually speaking I think this is okay, I mean, check out this verse and you might agree.

Back to our furry friends. It’s amazing to me how much these 4 legged, food processors lay around doing nothing.

More amazing?

  • Ever seen what happens to a beagle when the whistle blows or the words, “go to hunt” are shouted out?
  • Ever been on a duck hunt with Labrador Retrievers?
  • Hot on the trail of a fox or rabbit with a pack of hounds?

Talk about a transformation!

What in the world gets into these lazy bones Jonese?! I’ve even heard of dogs hunting until they drop dead of exhaustion if they haven’t cornered their prey. I’ve also read of dogs used to hunt bear that keep on going even when their fellow pack-mates are strewn about, gutted and bleeding from the mauling of a powerful brown bear.

But they keep going!

Same animals—opposite response to life. What makes the difference?

One word.


Without it we just exist.

With it, we truly live.

This is a win/win. Abundant life for us and a life pleasing to God for our heavenly Father.

 For we speak as messengers approved by God to be entrusted with the Good News. Our purpose is to please God, not people. He alone examines the motives of our hearts. I Thess. 2:4