Knights of the Round Table


Ok, ok, so it’s not exactly King Arthur, but it was pretty awesome nonetheless. In fact, the round table event I just returned from tonight (Thursday, May 24th) was more awesome than its medevil predecessor because this round table was a group of 12 pastors who are helping to change the world for Christ!

I’m talking about the last 24 hours hosted by Perry Noble at Newspring church. Perry invited a dozen pastors from like-minded churches all over the country to join together and share our hearts, hurts and hassles over the last year or so, as well as our vision for where we believe God is taking our churches in the near future. CIMG1320

Here’s a shot of some of the pastors with Perry in the middle. He’s just a little guy of about 6 foot 6 inches! That’s why I’m not in the picture. I didn’t want them to feel small.  

I really haven’t had many opportunities like this as a pastor. This was great and I hope it’s just the beginning of many more like it! 

Thanks, Perry and Newspring church for taking the time and effort to roll out the red carpet! I hope to return the favor some day!

Here are a few more dudes I met who are really tearing it up for Christ! CIMG1321