Keep’em Coming!


I still need a whole bunch more to make heads or tails of this thing. So…

Please keep’em coming!

I’m referring to this…

“If you are part of this amazing ride, tell us how you found out about Southbrook Church and post it as a comment after my previous blog. Just click here, , scroll to the bottom of the page, and post your answer. I will share the results in a couple weeks. We need at least a hundred families to respond to get any real data.”

Here are a few examples of what’s coming in…

Lucy Spirko |

My husband and I were still in NJ and checking out area churches online. I’ll never forget sitting at our local Borders with our laptop and coming across the SC site. It was back when the spoof on American Idol was on. My husband, two daughters, and I couldn’t stop laughing! We swore we’d check out the church after settling in here. Well, we got lost the first time we tried and ended up somewhere else. Although we were quite content at the church we started attending, something made us want to go back and try Southbrook. We were floored by the warmth of the people, the awesome music, and of course Pastor Rob’s powerful message.

I thank God for leading us to Southbrook Church! It’s truly a life changing place.


We moved to Charlotte in August of 2004. Church seeking was absolutely something we were dreading. I kept saying to Kyle, boy I would really like to find a church but the whole ordeal was just that, an “ordeal”. After about a month in the area we had set up an appointment to have our blinds installed in the new house. This was an appointment that I would never forget.
The gentlemen (whose name was Matt, I later learned) who came to do the installation was great, enthusiastic and immediately asked if we had found a church yet. Of course, being a “chicagoan”, this really caught me off guard (you just don’t come out and ask these things right off the bat!). So he preceded to tell me that I ought to try Southbrook because it had a great youth program was really contemporary and was a “come as you are church”.
The first weekend we tried SB Rob & Michelle were team preaching and it was awesome. And the bonus was that our 9 year loved the music…all we heard on the way home was how it “totally rocked”. That says it all!
So I would definitely say that word of mouth is great and I will always be in gratitude to the “blind guy”! We love SB!

Joni |

My brother in-law invited us many times and we always had a reason not to come. We finally visited so he would quit bugging us. One visit was all it took. Our lives were forever changed by the love, teaching, and fellowship we experienced at Providence High School. Its been an awesome time of seeing the Lord work not just our lives but in the lives of countless others. God is so GREAT and I thank Him for the people he’s brought to Southbrook everyday!!!!!! I love this church!

Mike and Trish Crawley (Calculatorgames) |

Years ago I attended my friend’s church in Ft Wayne, IN that is very much like Southbrook. I loved it and tried to find a church similar in New York but could not find anything but the “usual”. My husband and I decided to move to Charlotte, NC (August 2006) to escape the high taxes and real estate costs. A friend of mine, Alysa, (who also moved down here from NY), mentioned Southbrook and that she went to visit once. I went with her in the end of January 2007 and it has been a life changing experience since. My kids love going and now my husband goes too! I think someone mentioned above…word of mouth is powerful! I truly believe that God wanted us to come down to Charlotte to find Southbrook. When we first moved down here I was a little home sick and thinking “what the heck did we do…leave our family…friends and jobs to come here” but after a few weeks attending Southbrook, I believe the man upstairs had it planned along!

Matt Langley |

We moved to Charlotte almost 3 years ago and were very active in our church in Raleigh for over 4 years prior. It was very much like Southbrook as it was “seeker friendly” with good worship, relevant messages, and a dynamic pastoral staff. I looked around the net before we moved here to scope our some churches in the Charlotte area and I found Southbrook’s website. After we moved here, the first church we visited on the first weekend we were here was SCC. (it was the first week in the new building too!) Not to knock our last church but it was like Rob and company had found 11 on the amplifier that we were used to being set at 10ish and it has just exploded from there. With that being said we have grown so much more in the past three years than we have ever grown in our walk with Christ.

What an awesome, powerful, loving, providing, and infinitely huge God we serve. There are so many other great things that have happened in our lives as well. Sorry for the cliché but it is definitely a “God thing” going on up in here, no one could ever dispute or question that.

Pretty awesome, huh?!

I hope you all will add yours soon!

P.S. Our man, Clayton King (who will be speaking THIS weekend at Southbrook) spoke at the only other church he’s on staff at this past weekend. It was (you guessed it) OFF THE HOOK! Check here for the details,