Jesus Is


Rob Singleton Jesus Is

Jesus is __________.

No other figure in history has been so greatly admired, sought after, studied, emulated and loved as Jesus Christ. At the same time, none other has also stirred up such opposing feelings. Jesus is the most controversial, polarizing, and misunderstood figure in all of history.

I feel strongly convicted that a very important part of my job is to accurately portray who Jesus is according to His own book, not…

  • My opinions
  • Man’s desires
  • According to years of mythical conjecture on what, “the gods” should be like
  • From people who hate God
  • From people who don’t believe in God
  • From self appointed experts
  • CERTAINLY not from those who have studied anything and everything OTHER THAN the Bible

Even after an especially intense Easter season in which we approached Holy Week like a trilogy of events which needed to be understood together – Palm Sunday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday – I knew in my heart we had only scratched the surface.

So, I’d like to invite you all to join us this Sunday as we begin a journey into understanding who the greatest figure in history really is with our new series:

Jesus is __________.

See you there, and bring someone who you know needs to hear this great truth!