I’ve Never Moved a Mountain.


Nb_move_the_mountainI’ve never moved a mountain with my faith.

No, Mt. Saint Helen’s eruption wasn’t orchestrated by me.

As I said, I’ve never moved a mountain…

but I believe I could.

Don’t be too concerned for my mental health. I do live in reality, but my reality includes a God of the universe who is in the mountain moving business. So that’s the one catch. When I say I can move a mountain I’ve actually got a really GINORMOUS God doing the heavy lifting.

Prove it, Pastor Rob!

Ahh, there in lies the rub. Let me explain (and you’ll want to listen).

A lot of the time the secular world looks at religious people from what feels like the outside looking in. And what they see often forces them to one of two very sad conclusions.

1st — That the God Christians say they serve isn’t very powerful these days (because so much of what is hyped by televangelists and self serving, aggrandizing, ego maniacs never comes to pass—or at least not for the congregation or TV viewing audience. I mean the spewers of the health, wealth and prosperity crowd seem to be living proof that Jesus died to bring all three, but it’s not really Jesus who is necessary to their formula for success—it’s the tithes and offerings of the unsuspecting, biblically illiterate, hopeful masses.

Oops, was that out loud?

Oh well, there’s no turning back now so I’ll just forge ahead with my secret weapon called, ‘the truth.’

It’s secret because next to no one actually uses it anymore. It’s the forgotten assault weapon. Out of sight, out of mind. That’s why it works even better today than it did centuries ago. Not only does truth never lose its power, but it’s also most effective when it hits somewhere right between the two eyeballs of an unsuspecting person (i.e. someone who thinks all truth is relative). Here’s the 2nd thing…

2nd — That the men and women teaching this stuff are charlatans! Not ‘Chalotteans!’ I have to be very careful to be clear since I’m in the Charlotte area .

How sad that the greatest message ever told should so often be skewed into something self serving and unrecognizable.

But what does all this have to do with ‘Mountain Moving 101?’ Simple, if you want to move mountains make sure of a couple things first…

  1. Who will get the glory when the mountain is moved?
  2. Does this mountain need to move for God’s message to be get out?
  3. If God does want said mountain moved, does your life make you the best available ‘Mountain Mover’ for God?

I believe that if all 3 are true we better evacuate the area.

Mountains are gonna get up and dance.

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