It’s as simple as…1,2,3!



Not even a little?

Tough, here it is—the method for gauging our mission (Blues Brothers Style) from God…

You see, we simply need to take a look at what we have been averaging over the last month or so and double all the MP’s who step up to the plate (1 for them and 1 for their friend) and that’s the surge we should see EVERY WEEK! Of course, March 10th and 11th will be even greater as we look for almost 500 extra people to match the number of loved ones whose names are written on our towers of light.

Simple, right?

That means that this coming week we should see somewhere in the neighborhood of between 2300 and 2500 at SCC. The higher end accounting for a few more MP’s throwing their hats in the ring.

By the way. It dawned on me (after reading one of my comments from the last blog) that we already have around 300 more people here since that late October commitment of from SCC’s Mighty men, women and youth. There are undoubtedly nearly that many who are wondering what in the world this little club is all about.

Well wonder no more…

In the O.T. God chose David to be the king over the nation of Israel and as David served the Lord and awaited the appointed time, God surrounded him with 600 plus ‘mighty men’ who joined hands and hearts with him and the Lord to see this work accomplished.

The Lord still chooses to use people in that same way. The vision He has given us at SCC is HUGE, and we need all hands on deck. If you want to put God first in your life and are tired of ‘playing church’ there is a place for you to serve and an adventure awaiting you at Southbrook church. And if you have a servants heart and want to live ALL OUT for Jesus, well then, YOU are already an MP. You just didn’t know it. :)

Welcome aboard.

Just one thing…

Now that you know, could you let me know? :) (<-- See last blog entitled, "Stand up and be counted")

Hope to see your name there!

PS I understand that this is new ground and a little intimidating for some. So…in my next few blogs I will try to share some pratical tips for getting that friend, neighbor,co-worker or family member to join you at SCC. Cool? Good.