It never gets old


I’ve just finished teaching my gazillenth membership class at Southbrook.

What a great group! I can honestly tell you that it never gets old and the people tell me that they love it every time.

I wonder if they know that it’s as fun for me as it is for them.

Know why?

Because every time  I teach it I am reminded of how big our God is and of all the miraculous things he’s done at Southbrook Church in our short little history!

Like this little tidbit…

Last year we saw just over 300 people give their lives to Jesus Christ.

This year we’ve already seen over 400 come to know Him and the year is not even half over yet!!

God is doing great things through those who are fully sold out to Him at SCC!

I love you guys and I love being your pastor!


Just thought you might want to know.