Is our faith too small?

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As you probably suspected, Easter’s turnout despite the weather has stirred a lot of talk about the new building being WAY TOO SMALL. Here’s an example of what I am hearing from a growing throng of people;

Blog Comment by JT


What an awesome day at Southbrook yesterday. First service was off the hook!! The band was incredible as always and the message wasn’t too bad either!

I too was surprised to see so many people turn out for the 9:00am service. Do you think God was saying that the new building needs to be bigger? I know I harp on this alot, but I really, really, really think we need to take a look at it! 1300 people for two services that’s only 5200 at four weekend services. If we bump it ever so slightly to 2000 that is potentially 8000 people a weekend. God is Big and so are the number of people that are moving to this area. Is God trying to tell us something? Its your vision and God is speaking to you about it. I hope that it’s being talked about…we can do it, because God is on our side, who can be against us? God is on our side we don’t need to be afraid. Though the mountains may fall and the skies will crumble, there ain’t nothing going to stand in our way!

I definitely hear you, JT. And let me quickly say that I agree. There is no doubt that we will be right back in the same boat IMMEDIATELY. So what should we do?

At this point friends, we all need to hit our knees and ask the God who owns it all to move in the hearts of those who call Southbrook Church home to feel more strongly about God’s mission of saving the lost, hurting, confused and disillusioned than they care ABOUT ANYTHING ELSE! And yes, I mean ANYTHING! Because the truth is, there is no mission bigger, no purpose greater, no person more important than, God’s mission, God’s purpose and God Himself!

Fact #1 We don’t have enough up front cash to even finish out the 1300 seat building at this point, so a lot has got to change.

Fact #2 God does have enough

Fact #3 God chooses to use people to accomplish His will.

Fact #4 God wants to use the people and resources of Southbrook Church to build Southbrook Church.


MP’s ?


Please join me in prayer and fasting THIS WEEK as we approach the throne of God again and ask Him what our next move should be…

Do we go with the status quo?

Do we go out on faith believing people will step up and INCREASE the seats to 2,000?


I am going to have the pastors get away again for this specific purpose because I believe that Southbrook was raised up “For Such A Time As This!” And if we do not believe for great big things in God’s mission He will raise up people who will. Or, as Andy reminded us at our recent ‘Night of Worship,’ God will cause the rocks to cry out if we refuse to proclaim his name adequately.

I agree with Andy…

I don’t want to be replaced by a rock!

Pray HARD!

Pray BIG!

Pray SPECIFIC so that when He answers you’ll KNOW it was HIM!