I’m Talk’in VEGAS Baby!


Woo Whoo! I’ve got a few thousand to spend on a vacation, so I’m goin to a dessert where they put up hotels filled with machines that take your money without giving you anything in return (99.9999% of the time), a place where you start your day at night and nurse a hangover by day, you eat breakfast at 2:00 in the afternoon, gamble through lunch and grab dinner at a show around 10:00 pm.

That’s Vegas people! So why do people LOVE it?! It’s the odds, oddly enough. People (who normally are about as risk taking as ‘Cliff’ was on ‘Cheers,’) love to go to a place where there is a chance to see something BIG happen. Even the herd can get sick of chewing the same cud all day and processing it through one of their many stomachs (ok, that’s enough with the grose cow comparisons — you get the point.). You know what’s sad though? What ARE the chances that something BIG will happen in Vegas? Well, fairly good if you count getting robbed and losing everything you have, but, unfotunately, extreemly small if you are talking about striking gold and being set for life.

Alas, they do it anyway.

Never fear, release and freedom is on the way. God knows you have this desire to step out of the ordinary (He is the one who placed that within each of us). But He has a better way. He has a way that keeps the excitement while greatly increasing the odds. How much are the odds increased? How about from about .001% to 100%? I’d switch teams for those odds, wouldn’t you?

Ahh, you say you would, but 99.999999999999999999999999999999% of Christians never do. “Why wouldn’t THEY?” you ask. “Why wouldn’t YOU?” God replies.